I believe that nothing is more human than to experience challenging times.  And that every challenge is an opportunity to choose who we are becoming.  
Everyone has the start of their own healing within them.  Therapy is the process of nurturing a person's existing core of wisdom and strength.  I believe that happiness and peace are found through knowing oneself and through keeping key parts of life in balance.  This means that we all need to nurture our health and our key relationships.  We need to know and honor how we feel, to feed our intellectual selves, and to pull it all together through spiritual awareness.   I believe that everyone needs to regularly experience power and creativity in their lives.  
When challenges throw our lives out of balance we experience unhappiness, anger, tension, and loss.  It is during these times that therapy builds on natural strengths and greatly speeds healing.
I believe therapy works!  And for over 30 years I have had the privilege to witness success with men, women, boys, girls, teens and entire families.
Thoughts About Therapy