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Doug McClosky, LMFT
Adult, Adolescent, Family, and Child Therapy
Adolescents and Young Adults
Providing individual and family counseling for adolescents and young adults has always been a wonderful part of my practice.  The mix between individual and family meetings is dependent upon the needs and preferences of the family.  

When meeting with adolescents and young adults I respectfully engage them in defining goals and developing practical plans for reaching them.  Once the goals are selected, I offer lots of encouragement toward achieving success.  

In addition, I specialize in encouraging adolescents and young adults to voice their view of themselves.  This includes voicing their perception of how the world works, their place in the world, how they maintain relationships, and how they go about making decisions.  We do this together, by doing an Adlerian Lifestyle Analysis.   

Though clarifying these perceptions are life-long tasks, the high school and college years are the first time that a young adult consciously approaches them.  When young adults clarify their self-concept (for themselves) and their manner of engaging the world, they make freely chosen "additions and refinements" in each area.  The result of this work is increased self-reliance, sense of direction, motivation, and responsibility.  Given this foundation, young adults develop a productive approach to their present and future happiness.  

Young adults and adolescents who meet with me can expect to address the challenges that have led them to counseling; and they can expect this to happen in an atmosphere of respect, encouragement, and humor.